Why this blog and why in English only?

After reading offensive and untrue notes on the web during my trip in the US last year regarding me using sulfur for some countries, never even being verified by the writers of these posts with me (though very easy to find my e-mail on the web), I felt it was time to open my blog for the simple reason of self protection.
Although my blog started with a negative energy so to say, I have come to appreciate the positive sides of this communication as I can share information in a simple way to a large public on the web, which I am using regularly now to post my thoughts and ideas.

Having customers and enthusiasts all over the world, it would have been perfect communicating in all languages. As I do speak and communicate averagely well in 5 languages and with my wife being Japanese this makes 6 languages, why English only?

It was obvious to concentrate to one language only because of the time it takes to write in all these different languages. I am an artisan searching to produce great wines and olive oils and my energy needs to go into the making of our products and not the writing about them.
Although communication is important, we simply have too much work with our production if we want to continue increasing the quality standards we have set for ourselves.

As I needed to concentrate on one language only to express myself I have chosen English rather than Italian or my mother language, Flemish (southern Dutch) because it is globally the most used language and I feel comfortable expressing myself in this language.

When I started writing my web site in 2005, I asked my friend David Harvey who is a gifted writer, to help me out and correct my writings. He was, and in a way still is, my “de-clunker”. After reading these great polished writings, I noticed tiny differences in the context of the write up and especially I felt that it was not me writing this text anymore. And so I was re-clunking again until I felt the text was me, and not some company representative.
As I choose a personal approach in everything I do, I feel that it is important that I personally write these posts, not being corrected by anybody else but myself. And yes there will be errors, yes there exist more polished and diplomatic ways of expressing, but this is who I am and how I see things for 100%.

Just like my wines, my writing will get better over time and again, just like my wines, my texts will become more understandable to people with aging than right after writing or reading.

Thank you for visiting my blog.