Warm month of January

Pruning Rovitello/1

Re-pruning the new Rovitello vineyard

January is quite warm with little or no bad weather this winter. Not the best condition for the vines as they need the cold for a good winter sleep, but good for us as we are moving fast with the work this year! The pruning which we started earlier this year, around mid December, is at good level, although we have 5 more hectares of vineyards to prune and work over the winter compared to last year 2013! And so hopefully we can keep up with this rhythm of work as winter will settle in the valley around January 25th.

Tilling soil

Carlo handling the roto tiller

The roto-tillers are busy also as we need to work through all the vineyards in the contrada Feudo di Mezzo (Porcaria) as early as possible in order to open the soil at the foot of each vine with the hoe to give it some extra boost as the vines did not recover after the hail blast which hit the vineyards in this area in 2012.

Hard work around the old vines...

Hard work around the old vines…

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