Cleaning the Picciolo vineyard at Rovitello


Cleaning the borders of the Picciolo vineyard

Since last year we have a large vineyard in lease in Rovitello, around 3 hectares. This is an old vine alberello vineyard which has been modified into rows to be able to mechanize work. A bit old and not well maintained, and oddly situated in between the golf corse Il Picciolo, we are doing a serious maintenance job and putting in  new poles which were broken to be able to work better with a tractor. All access roads and turning spots for the tractor are also being cleared and enlarged.

Master “Pino” at work with the excavator

During work we found so many golf balls, I am getting worried not wearing a helmet working in this vineyard!


Unfortunately these are not white truffles…

Rovitello in general is a tricky place for maturing grapes as it is an area subject to cold air and humidity in the mornings. On the other hand, the Nerello Mascalese wines from this area have a silky tannic structure which few other areas can express, being far more bold and structured.

Over the next few years I hope to understand better this vineyard site called contrada Picciolo, to be able to produce a single vineyard wine from this cru in great vintages.

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