Sea and snow in less than 1 hour driving!

Aki and the kids at the beach

Aki and the kids at the beach

Clouds cover the mountain and it is raining a bit. It has been some time we didn’t eat fish and so we decided to drive down to the sea side to buy some fish. I like the coast in the winter when there is no chaos and few people around. We found beautifully fresh “Saragho”, “Sgombro” and “gamberi” at a shop recommended by a friend. The owner of this “pescheria” in the village of Giardini-Naxos, signor Paolo Trimarchi, is a second generation fisherman and I was impressed by his honesty and information regarding the differences in quality of fish. Rare in this profession!

We drove back up the mountain and the clouds opened a bit around Etna. Arrived home we stored the fish in the fridge, grabbed the snow sleds and drove up to the ski station to play in the snow and check wether the skilifts opened after the fresh snow from yesterday.

Clara in the fresh snow

Clara in the fresh snow

The ash is now again covered with a white blanket of snow and the snowcats are busy preparing the skislopes. If weather holds, Clara can take ski lesson tomorrow. But now back down to prepare “Saragho sotto sale” and eat raw “gamberi” with a bottle of Nerello from a high vineyard at contrada Tartaraci from a local contadino and friend, signor Gangi. What an amazing place we live in, alive and so contrasting.


Casa del pesce Mare Blu
Signor Paolo Trimarchi
Via Vittorio Emanuele, 52
Giardini Naxos (ME)
Tel.: 0942/551.437

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