Pruning is finished!

Recovering old vines

Recovering old vines at Monte Colla

We finally finished pruning of the vines on March 23rd. It has been a long season for pruning this year. The main reason we finished later than usual was not the few plots more to prune, but the extra time in the vineyards in contrada Porcaria which was hit by hailstorm last year and needed twice as much time and attention to get the pruning right. Also the recovering of old vines to bring them back up to a big and sturdy vine has taken more time, especially in our vineyards Marchesa soprano and Monte Colla.

The other reason has been my time in administration instead of the vineyards during January to get all things sorted out with the cellar and teaching Angelo, one of our workers, to prune in a correct way, matched to vineyard, vine and the wine we want from the specific plot. After a month, Angelo is getting better and nearly keeps up with Giovanni and my pace. Positive for next year!

Wild shoots

Cutting away the wild shoots of the rootstock

We did some extra work at Monte Colla this year where we cleanly cut and hacked away the wild shoots from the rootstock of the old vines. We didn’t get to do this last year and this will get the sap of the old vines directly and without dispersion to the fruit as well as re-vitalise the vines.

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