X-Mas family day

Sled pulling on X-mas

Sled pulling on X-Mas

My daughter Clara was awake early on December 25th. And so we head out to the cellar to finish the last tubs of wine fermenting with some extra CO2 gas to protect the cap from oxidizing and infecting.
Getting back home we needed more than an hour to get organized with the 2 kids and start driving up the mountain to our usual place, Monte Conca.
Still lots of snow up there and a perfect day with lots of sun for playing in the snow. My son Arturo(1 year old) was so tired he slept through the complete lunch! What a relief as my wife Aki, Clara and I could finally, after more than a year enjoy lunch together in a restaurant without chaos.
The anti-pasti’s at the Monte Conca restaurant were very good and owner Concetto did a great job in preparing the lamb in the oven. Accompanied by a bottle of Contadino 9 and a bottle of Magma 9 (2011), the lunch was more than enjoyable!

Monte Conca kitchen crew

Monte Conca kitchen crew


Ristorante Monte Conca http://www.ristorantemonteconca.com/

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