Vineyard maintenance at Monte Colla

Pali a Monte Colla

Hammering in new poles

In order to keep a vineyard productive and the vines cured, one needs to also do maintenance which adds up on top of the annual work. Today we finished putting in new poles in the oldest section of the Monte Colla vineyard. This additional work as well as the planting of the new or missing vines and rebuilding stone walls due to the heavy rainfall last week, has set us a bit behind schedule this year.


Allthough we are mid March and still pruning, the cold weather, snow and rain has slowed down the awakening of the vines and the opening of the butts and so “God” is giving us a hand to finish all work in time.
But as Mother Nature is very cruel and unforgiving and never waits until one has finished a job or not, if we don’t hurry up we will run behind schedule soon!

Monte Colla

Monte Colla vineyard


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