Trade shows and wine tastings

Giuseppe handling the crowd

Giuseppe at the battle field during Villa Favorita

Over the last three years, I always return from a wine tasting or trade show feeling completely numb with the idea of not attending these events anymore. Besides me getting older and having a difficulty with noise and chaos, I cannot see the beneficial effect of these tasting to increase or expand the culture of wine, except for pros who have little time and know the products already.

The uncivilized way of tasting and the frenetic crazyness of a packed room can hardly be the place to taste wines. Wine in general, but especially artisan wines without sulfur added which are alive and have a soul, expressing such a variety of flavours from opening a bottle until the next days, will never be able to show their full potential in these circumstances.

J.P. Robinot at Villa Favorita

Jean Pierre Robinot at Villa Favorita

As these tastings have become a kind of gathering for my clients, I have in a way taken peace with this circus as a “necessary evil” as it gives my clients the chance to taste the wines before they arrive. It is also in a way an excuse to escape from daily work and see friends again to share a good time and exchange thoughts.

Civilized dinner with Alfonso Soranzo and friends

Quiet and civilized dinner saturday at trattoria Al Sasso with Alfonso Soranzo and friends

To be able to taste in a civilized way, I organize since a few years a dinner party at pizzeria I Tigli on Sunday during our annual event Villa Favorita, where I invite our “estate ambassadors” for a relaxed and chilled out dinner with my wines from older vintages as well as the wines of Jean Pierre Robinot whom I very much like and with whom I share many of our importers.

Discussing the sequence of tasting

Discussing the sequence of the magnum-bottle tasting with David Harvey (UK) and Mark Ancona (USA)

Unfortunately we ran out of places in no time this year and so hopefully next year we can have more space to host all of our ambassadors from all over the world. This is becoming quite an impressive group of people for a small estate like ours!

The table

The long table at pizzeria I Tigli

I feel very lucky having a group of importers now, after starting 12 years ago, all philosophically alined, young, dynamic and especially all very professional. Thank you!

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