The first snow in our vineyards!


Driving to the vineyards

Saturday night the wind was howling and snow started falling down around midnight. Tomorrow was going to be a snow-day up the mountain!
Sunday morning Clara woke me up and we were looking outside the window at the white blanket over Etna. Clara and I geared up and after returning 3 times at home because I forgot kids and other things, we finally got rolling with the Lada. Too much snow for the Subaru today.
After checking out the Barbabecchi vineyard, we moved on to Piano Provenzana to go either skiing or sled-sliding.

Clara_Monte Conca

Clara on the sled in the snowstorm

Arriving at the ski station, we nearly got stuck in the high snow but with the differential block we got out and parked in the deep snow. The wind was blowing strong and it was snowing big time. Clara didn’t feel comfortable at first because of the wind. And so we went to slide in between the trees which was more comfortable. Until a thunderstorm was moving in on us.
Thunderstorms on Etna are very dangerous and lightning has killed people in the past. And so we decided to hide at Concetto’s bar Monte Conca and have some pie before moving back down as Aki and Arturo stayed home.
The drive back was long as the road was completely iced up and although the Lada is very agile and stable on snow, attention was needed. Clara fell into a deep sleep in the car. A good Sunday.

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