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The second release for this year’s products has been shipped to all different markets all over the world and we hope you will have had the chance to purchase some of these bottles of the vintage 2011 which I regard for our red wines a great vintage.

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cf. RELEASE 2012/1 includes our rosato Susucaru® 4th edition and our olive oils Contadino and MunJebel®.


RELEASE 2012: 2011 vintage & product info
2011 has been a difficult year in terms of the incredible amount of work in the vineyards in order to keep the vegetation under control (check my blog for more info). Besides all the difficulties, we have been able to pick the grapes not only at the right physical point but also at the perfect cosmic level which is difficult to achieve when picking late here in the north valley of mount Etna, at the limit between the last annual life cycle and the closing, dorment cycle of the vine. We managed to pick nearly all vineyards in the perfect cosmic and physical moment.
As good things usually come accompanied with a negative aspect, we unfortunately had less yield due to a stronger mildew presence in the early season. This has resulted in the end with some 20-25% less production compared to what we estimated to pick.

Rosso del Contadino 9 (2011)
We have produced less of the Rosso del Contadino 9th edition, although we had more vineyards for this wine. With the low overall yields we will bottle approx. 8.000 bottles and 400 magnums, some 2.000 bottles less than planned. The vintage was cool, with lots of rain and an autumn which accelerated the maturity to perfection. A serious Rosso del Contadino, very dense with all the “Etna” elegance!
Average age of the vines is 50+ years old.
75% Nerello Mascalese, 25% different local red varietals (Allicante, Minella Nera, Uva Francese, Nerello Capuccio, …) and some 5% white Inzolia and Minella
Approximately 8.000 bottles and 400 magnums.
Alcohol: 15%

MunJebel® Bianco 8 (2011)
We just cannot seem to increase the production of our white wine as every vintage presents a new difficulty. 2011 has given less yield and so we produced 30% less than planned. The ripeness was beautiful although the tannic level this year was more pronounced and so we have a special MunJebel® Bianco, a bit more tannic and closer in a way to a red wine than a white.
Average age of the vines is 40+ years old.
70% Grecanico Dorato, 15% Cattaratto, 10% Carricante, 5% Coda di Volpe
Approximately 2.200 bottles and 100 magnums.
Alcohol: 13,5%

MunJebel® Rosso 8 (2010-2011)
Producing more different versions now of our MunJebel® Rosso, I tend to call our MunJebel® Rosso “classico”, as it reflects to my opinion very well the potential of the Northern valley Nerello Mascalese wines: dense, elegant and balanced.
This “classic” MunJebel® Rosso is a blending of two vintages. The 8th edition is a blend of the vintages 2010 and 2011. In 2011, the vineyards in contrada Porcaria, Marchesa soprana, Charanchello and Monte Colla have given beautiful fruit and I believe the classic MunJebel® Rosso 8 will be a good one, although it is much more tight than previous editions. Too early to tell how different it is from the previous ones but I would say it is in the line of the 7th edition, with even a bit more body and structure.
Average age of the vines is 60+ years old.
100% Nerello Mascalese
Approximately 4.000 bottles and 250 magnums.
Alcohol: 15%

MunJebel® Rosso 8 VA (2011)
After the 2010 vintage (7th edition) the MunJebel® Rosso 8 VA which stands for Vigne Alte (high vineyards) is dense and fragrant and potentially a great wine. A blend of 4 vineyards, located between 800 and 1000m asl.: contrada Barbabecchi, Barbabecchi “Cuttunaru”, Guardiola and Tartaraci.
Average age of the vines is 80+ years old and more than 99% ungrafted.
100% Nerello Mascalese
Approximately 900 bottles and 50 magnums.
Alcohol: 15%

MunJebel® Rosso 8 MC (2011)
New for this year’s release is the MunJebel Rosso 8 MC, from our vineyard Monte Colla which has become this year our property. An incredibly steep and beautifully exposed, “Rhône-like” vineyard, old alberello vines planted in 1946 on sandy clay soil and brittle rock, producing a very different Nerello Mascalese. 2011 produced extreme low yields and the concentration was of an extraordinary density.
Average age of the vines is 60+ years old.
100% Nerello Mascalese
Approximately 900 bottles and 50 magnums.
Alcohol: 15%

MunJebel® Rosso 7 “10th anniversary” (2010)
The 2010 vintage was very difficult due to excessive humidity and little wind to blow the valley dry. In the end, Magma® Rosso was vinified but not bottled as such as it lacked the level for a “Grand Vin”.
As the vineyard character is definitely there, although missing the element of density for a great wine, I decided to bottle this wine separately to celebrate our estate’s 10th anniversary. A great price/quality purchase at this quality level and a “gift” to our customers!
Average age of the vines is 90+ years old and more than 98% ungrafted.
100% Nerello Mascalese
Approximately 800 bottles and 38 magnums.
Alcohol: 13,5%

Grappa & distillati
The grappa’s will be ready in 2013 unfortunately as we had to juggle a bit with administration and labels for these products. Next year we will release the grappa del Contadino and Grappa MunJebel® Rosso from the distilling of the vinaccia of 2009.
In the futur, we will probably bring out all the individual grappas from all our different wines. We will need to get organized physically for this work as it needs space in the distillery’s warehouse for aging which costs money and recipients.
This year, our skins and pips (vinaccia) have been used to prepare a new compost heap to be used in 3 years from now in our completely ungrafted vineyard in Chiusa Spagnola and the steep part of our Monte Colla vineyard. This means we are setting aside a part of the 2010 grappa for aging before bottling as this brings out better the flavors and so the availability will be limited of what will be released this year on the market.
Approx. 220 bt. of 0,5l. of Grappa Contadino (60% alc.)
Approx. 180 bt. of 0,5l. of Grappa MunJebel® Rosso (60% alc.)

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