RELEASE 2012/1 – product info


Our first release the 2011 harvest year, RELEASE 2012/1, has been shipped to our different clients all over the world and will soon be available for you. This first RELEASE 2012/1 includes as usual our rosato Susucaru® 4th edition and our olive oils Contadino and MunJebel®.

Below you will find a short description of these first products of this year as well as a brief information regarding the 2011 vintage. The second mailing (RELEASE 2012/2) with our white & red wines will follow in the autumn.

I have to apologize to all of you for the lack of information on my blog last year ( As the writing of posts was new to me and the workload last year extremely high, I just didn’t get to writing. I forced myself early this year in finding a rythm for writing with the help of my wife Aki and so you can now check regularly my blog where I post monthly on the work-in-progress and other more serious posts under the section Reflections with FAQ’s and Thoughts.


RELEASE 2012/1: 2011 vintage & product info
2011 has been a difficult year in terms of the incredible amount of work in the vineyards in order to keep the vegetation under control (check my blog for more info). Besides all the difficulties, we have been able to pick the grapes not only at the right physical point but also at the perfect cosmic level which is difficult to achieve when picking late here in the north valley of mount Etna, at the limit between the last annual life cycle and the closing, dorment cycle of the vine. We managed to pick nearly all vineyards in the perfect cosmic and physical moment.
As good things usually come accompanied with a negative aspect, we unfortunately had less yield due to a stronger mildew presence in the early season. This has resulted in the end with some 20-25% less production compared to what we estimated to pick.

Susucaru® 4 (2011)
After a few years of difficulty to produce our rosato, the 4th edition of Susucaru® from the 2011 harvest has become resulted in a balanced wine. The growing season has been a bit slower in the beginning of the year and so the picking of the aromatic varietal Malvasia and the whites has been later than average, finishing around September 25th. This is our best Susucaru® so far as it combines all the ingredients for a balanced wine: body, harmony of high acidity from mature grapes, elegance and delicate aromatics without being exhuberant.
Average age of the vines is 30+ years old.
40% Malvasia with the remaining 60% Cattaratto, Chardonnay (ungrafted), Nerello Mascalese
Approx. 3.000 bottles and 100 magnums produced.
Alcohol: 13,5%

Olio di Oliva MunJebel® and Contadino
After a few year’s of extremely low olive oil production I am happy this year with the quality of our olives, even though the crop quantity and especially the yield of oil versus quantity of olives was below average.
The base oil, “Contadino”, is a bit denser than other years due to the warmer November temperatures during picking.
The San Benedetto olives, destined for our top olive oil Magma®, have not reached perfect maturity due to the above-average temperatures during the autumn season, and so unfortunately we did not produce our Magma® olive oil.
Instead, all the San Benedetto olives destined for the Magma® olive oil went into the MunJebel® olive oil which brings out it’s delicately distinct “smoky” character this year.
Olio di Oliva “Contadino”: 820 bottles of 0,75l. and 120 cans of 3l.
Olio di Oliva “MunJebel®”: 714 bottles of 0,375l.

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