Re-planting ungrafted Nerello Mascalese



Great wine is made from old vines. This is the main reason why I have been searching for old-vine alberello vineyards, even though these result in 2x to 3x the labour costs compared to a modern training system.
But like any other live organism, there comes a time to move into the other world to rest, even for Nerello vines on lava soil.
Today, 12 years after starting my adventure, not having any idea about the size of the operation we are running right now,  we are working on nearly 12ha of which half is property. As I am getting gradually more attached to my profession but especially to the area and our vineyards, I have set up a re-planting schedule to plant every year a number of approx. 1000 ungrafted vines reproduced from our ungrafted Barbabecchi vineyard to replace the missing vines in all our property and long-term lease vineyards.
The reason for this re-planting program is my strong believe in the unique expression of our vineyards as well as heritage and respect for what has been built centuries ago and what we need to leave to the next generation. And so our vineyards are maintained and improved instead of being used, abused and then abandoned.

This winter we have completed the Porcaria and Marchesa soprano vineyards and have completely planted the lower section of the Barbabecchi soprana vineyard. The grapes of these vines will not be for me anymore to vinify but for our children to produce great Magma.

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