Preparing orders and shipments



August is the month where the grapes are left in peace to mature silently. The colouring of the grapes has started, which means that the most delicate period of the grapes is passed and heat damage is behind us now. Important now is to leave the colouring without disturbing until end of August when we will start cleaning the clusters from damaged berries as well as a second crop thinning.

As for the rest of August, we now have the time to prepare orders and shipments for all our export markets. Instead of fermenting vats, there are pallets with wines ready for pick-up all over the cellar.

The different export markets all have their own requirements in terms of labeling and so we have invested in back labeling and printing equipment for specific markets like USA, Taiwan, Norway, Sweden, Finland, Canada, Australia, New Zealand, … This allows us to print custom backlabels in house and being able to manage small orders for new markets. And we can supply our importers with more and better service offering barcodes if necessary for the more sophisticated markets.

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