Pre-pruning the vines

Pre-pruning at Porcaria

Pre-pruning vines at contrada Porcaria

We have anticipated some works in the vineyards to be able to start clearing the foot of the vines with the hoe very early this year. In some plots like Monte Colla, Porcaria and Marchesa Soprano I feel this effort is needed to clean the base of the vine from superficial roots as well as cleaning the base of the grafted vines from wild shoots/roots. This will enable the vine to concentrate forces directly up to the leaves and afterwards the fruit without loss of energy. Another positive aspect is that, after our extremely dry summer and autumn, the conic shaped “hole” around each vines acts like a funnel to catch a maximum quantity of water around the vine during the winter period to fully regenerate. Especially in the hail damaged vineyards in contrada Porcaria, this regenerating is even more important to the vines.

In order to do be able to do this work, we first need to cut away the shoots of the vines as we will first pass with the “wheeling machines” or motozappa as these otherwise get tangled into the machines and would damage the vine’s shoulder. Once the soil is “broken up”, we can start working with the hoe. We know what to do this winter!

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