Cleaning and preparing the grapes for Magma


Classic Nerello Mascalese cluster

Since 2004 we are cutting the ends of the Nerello Mascalese clusters for our “Grand Vin” called Magma.
The reason why we do this is the simple fact that the ends are always some 2 degrees in Babo sugar level behind compared to the shoulders of the cluster. Also the taste of the berries in the tip of the cluster is less intens and long.

Obviously we cannot do this monk’s job for our base wines Contadino and Susucaru because of cost. And I believe either this would fit with the concept of these wines as the yields are already low, especially for entry level wines!

The trimming and cleaning procedure requires time and attention and is done mainly by our most delicate landworkers we have, Angela and Maria-Rosa. Both of them are patient, have good pallet (and are fine cooks!) for tasting wether grapes are ripe or not and as we work together since 2002, we understand each other perfectly with just an eyesight what to do, where and when.


Nerello Mascalese cluster, cutting the end


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