Checking out juniper berries up mount Etna


Checking the juniper plants for berries at Timparossa

Sunday we drove up the mountain for a hike with family as well as to check the juniper berries.
Arrived at Piano Provenzana we were welcomed by a cold autumn breeze and so we decided to first say hello to Concetto and family of the Monte Conca restaurant and have breakfast before heading out. Clara loves their home made cakes!

This year there are lots of berries on the juniper plants and so we will have enough berries for the winter cooking and to produce grappa al ginepro for next year. Just like the grapes, it seems that the juniper is also a bit ahead of time with the ripening. And so we might be picking the berries end of November instead of the usual early to mid December period.


Lots of berries this year!


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