Anforae maintenance

Recoating anforas

Repainting the anforae with epoxy

Every year we need to check the anforae for cracks in the epoxy lining on the inner wall.As we do not use the toxic base treatment (primer) we have more problems with the applying of the epoxy to the wall of our terracotta vessels. This year we discovered a lot of air bulbs under the epoxy layer and so we are taking a lot of time to scrape the inner wall and refurnish perfectly all our anforae.

Instead of giving each vessel a single thick layer which does not work well, we are now covering each anfora with as much as 3 coatings of epoxy. First we use a very thin and liquid layer of epoxy, leaving it to dry perfectly and giving it a second coating of liquid epoxy in order to perfectly seal possible small holes and irregularities in the clay wall. The last coating is a bit denser to cover the wall perfectly.
We have chosen a white color this time instead of red as this shows very clearly possible cracks as well as impurities after cleaning.

As we were doing the maintenance of the anforae in the new cellar, we decided to dig out the last remaining anforae of our old cellar where all started early 2001.
A day of physical fitness, digging and pulling with Giuseppe and Ciccio to get the big volumes out of the cellar floor.

smontare cantina vecchia

Dismantling the remaining anforae

And so we have now finally said goodbye to our old cellar where we started early January 2001 with 500 bottles production and less than half a hectare of vines. An evolution I would never have been able to predict when I started but completely logical and evident now that we are full time farming.

Cantina vecchia_anfore

The tiny old cellar where all started

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