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Frank, Alberto & Giuseppe relaxing after lunch

Saturday, June 23rd, 2012

Frank, Alberto & Giuseppe

Many memorable food experiences are the ones which were not planned and happened in a “natural” way, just like today: Alberto Aiello (Graci estate) called me to have lunch together and we ended up at Giuseppe Russo’s home (Girolamo Russo estate), tasting different bottles, from Rieslings, Pinot Noir from South Africa, Giuseppe’s A’Rina 2006 to finish lunch with a bottle of vintage Champagne. A treat. (more…)

Protecting our vineyards from bushfires

Saturday, June 9th, 2012

Burning the sides of our vineyards

Bush fires are a real stress in the summer here on Etna and elsewhere in the southern parts of Europe. Traditionally these fires are a method to make the land more fertile after the cereal crop is picked, or for shepherds to fertilize the land to have fresh herbs right after the summer draught. But these fires are also lit by pyromaniacs. (more…)