Sandro’s pizzeria-osteria-natural-wine-bar is open!


Pizzeria-Osteria Cave Ox

Solicchiata joined the list of important cities of the world in terms of availability of natural wines and good food! Sandro Dibella started 5 years ago in his local bar pouring natural wines from all over the world by the glass. A surprising selection in a small village up a volcano. To quote Justin Chearno from Uva Wines/New York visiting Solicchiata last year: “There are more Robinot bottles in Solicchiata than in New York!!!”

Last sunday Sandro has proudly opened his pizzeria-osteria “Cave Ox”, named after the natural cave in the lava flow on his family’s property where the animals were kept.

The idea of opening a pizzeria came after having visited Simone Padoa’s world-class pizzeria “I Tigli”. Sandro understood and appreciated instantly the importance of digestable pizza’s and quality raw materials. Simone offered generously to teach Sandro the techniques and details for making natural yeast pizza’s, and now Sandro is offering in his own place digestable pizza’s.
Obviously not at the state of art level of Simone, but offering at this stage great food at super price-quality level.

Sandro di Bella

Useless to mention Sandro has a great winelist, offering bottles of most major Etna estates as well as gems from Radikon, Vodopivec, Camillo Donati, La Biancara, Giuseppe Rinaldi, Lorenzo Accomasso, Giovanni Conterno, Soldera, Massavecchia, Panevino, Lamoresca, Domaine des Griottes, Jean-Pierre Robinot, Schoeller, Labet, Nicolas Joly, … And if he continues his quest for natural wines like he is doing now, it looks like I will have to go to Sandro’s place to taste my own older vintages!

Pizzeria-Osteria Cave Ox
Sandro Dibella
Via Nazionale, 159
IT-95012 Solicchiata (CT)
Tel.: 328/1349683
Closed on tuesday

Pizzeria I TIGLI
Simone Padoan
Via Camporosolo, 11
IT 37047 San Bonifacio (VR)
Tel.: 045/6102606

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