Rebuilding & helping Japan


Probably all of you have seen the images of the natural disaster in Japan which so far has taken away more than 15.000 lives and has caused many people to lose their house and belongings. If this wasn’t enough, the nuclear damage afterwards will cause in the long run possibly even more damage, personally, physically and economically and will concern our whole world.

The size of this cataclysm and the inventory of all the damage will be hard to calculate but it is obvious that Japan on its own will have a hard time taking care of rebuilding the areas struck by this disaster.

I am giving you a few sites where you can donate an amount of money to help rebuilding Japan, being a part of the world we all live in.
Please don’t forget: all help is welcome and needed, small or big.

Thanking you in advance for your help.

Donating via websites

General Links to donate for Japan

Paypal – donate links for Paypal user

Nonprofit Organizations in Japan delivering urgently needed relief services

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