Marco De Bartoli has unfortunately left us…



Some days during the winter on mount Etna, the sun at noon in Solicchiata reaches the intensity of a northern European beautiful summer day. What a treat, returning from work and having lunch at home on our terrace in wintertime with a glass of Vecchio Samperi 1961 reserve!

And what a surprise to see the colour changing of the Vecchio Samperi, reminding me of the first bottlings of Magma. A nostalgic moment thinking back at the starting of my winery, the honor of the visit of Renato De Bartoli before even producing my first wine and the many, great, historical Vecchio Samperi’s I have had the opportunity to taste over the last 30 years.

The last week has been an emotional nightmare because of the Japanese crises situation, and as if things couldn’t get worse, this evening I am profoundly sad because of the death of Marco De Bartoli, anarchist, ambassador and godfather of great Sicilian wine. His Vecchio Samperi has been and will always be one of my icon “oxidized” wines.

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