Which dishes would go well with your wines?


As to food paring, our wines show well with a very broad variety of dishes. One of the reasons is the fact that I am not manipulating the wines and do not contain added sulfur or other correctives/additives. Therefore there is a natural balance in the wines and the digestibility is very high.

The other reason is that we cultivate in altitude (between 610-930m asl) and even though our wines are powerful, they will always have great elegance as well as acidity and balance, accompanying well a wide variety of food/dishes.
 My wife Aki feels that the delicate oriental cuisine works very well with our wines, especially the delicately spiced dishes. Personally I have a preference for Japanese cuisine, but when I travel and taste the world’s different cuisine’s,  I have a difficulty choosing one cuisine or dish which works perfectly with our wines.

One thing to be careful about is that once the red wines are aged 5 years or more, the freshness is more integrated and so the tannins and minerality of the wines are more suited for vegetables and meat than for fish.
When my red wines are young, (within 2 years after harvest) they taste great with fish dishes when slightly chilled to approx. 10°C, especially our base wine “Rosso del Contadino”.

Serving temperatures (depending on the dish and sequence of serving):

– For our red Magma® and red MunJebel® crus the temperature is best between 16-20C°;
– The base red Rosso del Contadino tastes well between 14-18C°;
– The white MunJebel® is best between 12-16C°;
– Our rosato Susucaru® tastes great between 8-14C°.

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