Olive picking 2010


Frank Cornelissen - After Olivepicking
This year we have very little olives. During the flowering season we had a lot of humid “scirocco” winds and the fruit didn’t even had a chance to settle on the trees. A few plots that were more hidden from these winds had some crop and so we had a nice and peacefull week of olive picking with a few days of extraordinary, late-autumn weather. Great for no-stress-family-days!

sleeping Clara

Due to the low crop we will not produce our top olive oils “MunJebel®” and “Magma®”. The only olive oil we will produce this year will be the base level “Contadino”. It will contain mostly the varietal Brandolfina with some Frantoiana, Carolea and a small quantity of our noble San Benedetto olives.

The new temperature controlled olive oil room in our winecellar is now finished and completed with our simple but efficient bottling line and storage. Hopefully next year we will have a normal crop after 2 years of lacking olives!

Frank - Olive Picking
Frank Sam olive picking

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