Modern (pruning) times on Etna!


Frank is pruning 1
Just to keep ourselves busy, we have 2 more vineyards added to the list of works for this season, both of them old vines (60-plus years old) and alberello trained but unfortunately in a bit of a chaos and to be radically re-pruned to maximum 3 shoulders.

Although I don’t like the X-mas period or other holidays at all (“coma” periods), I made an exception this year. I bought myself a nice X-mas present: a new generation electric pruning scissors!
Frank is pruning 2

Although being rather old fashioned in my pruning techniques, using the double handed big traditional scissors which are besides being beautifully handcrafted also extremely efficient and clean-cutting, my new toy proved to be a real blast! The cut is clean and with the power and opening one can cut through shoulders in no time!

Frank is pruning 3

There is only one problem: Aki becoming worried I will be even more tempted to search for more desperate old vineyards…

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