Early snow this year!


Solicchiata sotto la neve

After the warm days during olive picking, the temperature dropped radically and on December 17th. we woke up with Solicchiata snowed under! Sam and I were watching the cars slip-sliding up and down the road in front of the house. A few cars crashed and “Australian-warm-weather-Sam” was just as excited as Lupo, our Husky!
The sky opened up and we proceeded with our daily works; young Giovanni slamming in new poles in the Magma vineyard and Sam in the cellar cleaning and topping up. And myself hopping back and forth between cellar, the vineyard and the warehouse for the last shipments of the year.
Back in the office I checked my personal calendar notes of last year for the first snowfall and this year it arrived much earlier. The antroposophic calendar for 2011 had arrived a few days ago and cross checking the year, I felt 2011 is a potentially great vintage for our region as all elements are present. Including the early snow. After 2 difficult vintages this could be a welcome treat!

Pali nuovi a Barbabecchi sottana

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