Aki Misono


I was born in Japan, 1974. My interest for natural cuisine has gradually grown while working for the internet branch. I have been fascinated by the amazing capacity of wild and naturally cultivated ingredients (not to be confused with the so-called organic or bio products). After I graduated at the Rima-Cooking School(macrobiotics school in Tokyo, founded by Rima Ohsawa, the wife of George Ohsawa), I started to give lessons in macrobiotics and vegetarian cuisine. Besides writing for some magazines and web sites, I wrote "Macrobiotic Hitori-Recipe"(book of macrobiotic recipes, published by Kodansha, 2006)[page of kodansha, page of amazon.co.jp] in Japan.

Being interested in natural agriculture, I have started to study natural farming in Chiba, cultivating different vegetables. Now that I have moved to Sicily, on the slopes of the volcano Mount Etna, I am cultivating vegetables and offering on request lessons in natural cuisine as well as lunch or dinner for visitors and friends of our farm.

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